Kids Face Masks - Single

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It took a great deal of back and forth in our hearts and minds to decide whether or not we should offer a mask for sale.  In the end, we decided that we have to do something. In collaboration with the same woman-owned US factory that makes our leotards, here are our masks for kids!

Kids Cloth Face Masks

Size: One size. Since all heads are not created equal, in the event your mask is a little large, you may choose to adjust by using a mini rubber elastic hair band. See our photo on how we are adjusting them in our home for growing kids.  

Care: Machine wash in cold water/gentle cycle, line dry.

Colors: Rainbow (Soft Neutral), Clouds/Rainbow, Light Pink Leopard, Black, Navy, Girls Rule, Ice Cream, Dogs Fire Truck and Monsters

(Bulk custom prints are available, please email us to order)

Thickness: 3 Layer Kids Face Mask. There are two cotton layers sewn together, a filter pocket space, then an outer nylon layer with print.

Design: This is a double dart design, which allows a little pocket of air space between your mouth and the mask. In other words, the mask will not be flat across the front and pressing up against your mouth.

Things to know:

• We can't accept returns on masks for sanitary reasons.

• Children under the age of 2 should not wear a mask due to suffocation risk. Please consult your doctor for guidance. 

• Our masks aren't medical grade, and they aren't virus-proof. We are wearing them and practicing social distancing. Please refer to the guidance from the CDC. 

• There is a pocket for a filter insert, but for legal reasons, we can't tell you whether or not to put something in there. Please refer to reputable sources on the web to help you decide what is right for you.

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