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1908s Workout Girl Costume



Lilly Jimenez is the genius behind The Creative Heart Studio, a website and blog filled with inspiration and products to help you create accessible DIY projects.

If you follow us on Instagram or you've perused our customer photos and noticed amazing, colorful, magical, dream-like scenes created from balloons, then you've seen her work.

Our jaws have dropped so many times from her artistry that we might have Balloon Mosaic™-induced TMJ.

For Halloween 2019, she created a life-sized Barbie box as a scene to feature her daughter's favorite character from Toy Story 4 using our 1980s Workout Girl Leotard Costume.

She developed the original box design a few years ago, but decided to recreate it this year so she could share step-by-step DIY instructions.

This Barbie box is perfect for a special birthday party and can double as a fun photo booth! You can also paint and repurpose it for other occasions.

Visit Lilly's blog at thecreativeheartsudio.com for the easy-to-follow DIY Barbie box directions.

October 17, 2019

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