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Custom Long Sleeve Leotards

Looking to get creative with your toddler long sleeve leotard? Make a craft day with your little one and hand-embellish or monogram your girls long sleeve leotard. We also offer personalized leotards for just $10 more. Customize your long sleeve leotards with the font and text color of your choice!

Long Sleeve Leotards for Costumes

Whether it's Halloween, Easter, or anything in between, girls long sleeve leotards are a great option when your child needs to dress up. Pairing long sleeve leotards with tights for girls will make a perfect costume. Not only do our long sleeve leotards work great as a costume, but their quality construction also makes them a versatile piece of clothing that will last.

Too hot to wear long sleeves? We also offer short sleeve leotards to keep your child cool while maintaining the same level of quality and beauty you've come to know from The Leotard Boutique. Since 2013 we have been handmaking long sleeve and short sleeve leotards, as well as sleeveless leotards and dance skirts. We pride ourselves on our products being made 100% in the USA. From fabric, elastic, and thread, all of our materials are sourced in America. Our leotards and skirts are dyed, cut, and sewn in New Hampshire. Purchase a new toddler long sleeve leotard from The Leotard Boutique today!

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