welcome to the leotard boutique

Hi! I'm Melanie, founder of The Leotard Boutique, an online shop that specializes in adorable, affordable, & colorful leotards, leggings, & skirts.

motherhood and the birth of a fresh idea

2013 was a memorable year for me. The biggest life changing moment happened when I gave birth to my first child.

Between feeding, changing diapers, burping, naps and all the other demands of being a mom to a newborn, I also hatched an idea for a new company. 

If you guessed it had something to do with leotards, you are right!

Today, both my little girl and The Leotard Boutique have gotten bigger. But, first I should explain why I launched this business. 

my backstory

Growing up, I studied dance for 16 years. During this time, my parents worked really hard to pay for my lessons and gear. I'm so thankful for their support and encouragement, especially because dance taught me so much. One of the most important lessons I learned is that persistence, patience, and hard work deliver profound results.

Because dance gave me so much, I wanted to do something to help others experience this important, healthy activity too. I saw first hand the financial burden dance lessons and dance gear can cost. 

I founded The Leotard Boutique because I wanted to make leotards that were well-made, adorable, & affordable. 

I hope the girls who wear my leotards experience the same joy & positive benefits from dance that I did.

why you'll love my leotards

Before I started The Leotard Boutique, leotard styles hadn't changed much since the '60s when my mom studied ballet. The options were basic, boring, & outdated.

I knew I could do better. With an extensive background and solid success in merchandising, I decided it was time for me to update leotard options for girls.

I sourced companies that shared my values of high quality, 100% made in the USA products in order to make a leotard that would not stretch, fade, or wear out.

I focused my line on five classically contemporary styles.

I created a true to size fit chart to remove the guess work aspect of ordering. 

I developed a palette of contemporary colors that you won't find anywhere else. 

I followed the lessons I learned in dance class.

Even better, the leotards are affordable and well-made. At just $12 to $19, the value is really hard to beat!

Plus, we deliver your package quickly and keep shipping rates as low as possible.

 Little gymnasts and tiny dancers have never looked so adorable. 

psst...leotards are great for other uses too!

Leotards make the perfect base for flower girls, birthday princesses, Halloween costumes, & dance recitals. Even little fellas wear leotards when they transform into their favorite superhero: Batman, Spiderman, Superman.

When you dive into this DIY costume realm, be creative and have fun! You can monogram or hand embellish leotards to get just the look you or your child wants. We offer a rainbow of colors so the options are endless. The only rule is to be creative and have fun. 

I'd love to see your artistic talents in action! Post your photos on one of our social sites and tag @leotardboutique.

xo Melanie 
Founder, The Leotard Boutique