Our leotards come in 23 colors that pop like fireworks, and are comfy enough to boogie all night long! 🌈

Dance Leotards for Girls & Toddlers

She wants to shine at showtime, and The Leotard Boutique is here to help with our selection of leotards for children. Our dance leotards for toddlers and girls are handmade with care right here in the USA.

From comfy toddler leotards and tights for girls to twirly dance skirts for girls, we have beautifully crafted apparel that will add a little sparkle to an already brilliant performance.



Your #1 Shop for Toddler Leotards & Tights

Leotard Boutique has you covered whether you're looking for a toddler leotard for a costume or a toddler ballet outfit. Since 2013, we've been handcrafting leotards for toddlers and tights for girls that are made to last and won't break the bank.

We have built our brand around 5 different styles of toddler dance leotards. Without complicating the process, we have perfected the baby leotard and offer dance leotards for girls with long, short and ruffled sleeves - or sleeveless. Choose from 23 vibrant colors that you can mix and match to your heart's content. Sizes range from 6 months to size 12. Please refer to our sizing chart before ordering to ensure everything fits just right when it arrives.

Beautifully Fashioned Costumes and Dance Outfits for Girls

If your child is taking a dance or gymnastics class, you know how important it is to get the right tights and leotards. Sure, you want them to look adorable, but you're just as concerned about the fit and quality. Not to mention the price. At The Leotard Boutique, we tick all the boxes. From classic dance leotards for girls to costumes and handmade personalized leotards, we have everything you need at a great price.

More Reasons to Buy Tights and Leotards for Toddlers & Girls

No doubt you've seen flower girls at weddings who were dropping rose petals as they sashayed up the aisle in a leotard and tights topped with a tulle skirt. There are a wealth of Halloween costumes that begin with short sleeve leotards and long sleeve leotards for girls. And what superhero would be complete without a cape over - you guessed it - a toddler leotard? There are so many uses for tights and dance leotards for girls (and little boys, too) that go beyond a dance recital or balance beam!

Shop the Best Dance Leotards & Outfits for Girls at Leotard Boutique

At The Leotard Boutique, we know the many benefits of dancing and exercise for children. Whether twisting or turning, whirling or grooving, we want your child to enjoy the freedom of movement in quality handmade tights and leotards for toddlers and girls. Our products are made of 100% nylon fabric that's stretchy (but not too stretchy) and the perfect thickness. Order your toddler dance leotards, tights and more from Leotard Boutique today!