do you have toddler or infant sized leotards?

yes!  the smallest leotard we make is 12-24M, which fits most children who wear size 12 months and they can squeeze into it up until about 24 months.  if your child is wearing size 24 months, you definitely need to order the XS/2-3T.  size 24 months and 2T are the same size.

what size leotard do you suggest?

the best way to determine a proper fit is to take your child's measurements and refer to our size chart.  if you don't have a tape measure or you're purchasing a gift & need a suggestion...here is what works for "most":

T (12-24M): 12-18M 

XS (2-3): 24M and 2T - 3T

S (4-5): 4T - 5

I (6x-7): 5 - 6x/7

M (8-10): 8

L (10-12): 10

Y (12-14): 12

how do i choose a size?

Leotards are not determined by age, all children grow a different rates and proportions. Girth is THE most important measurement. To measure girth, place tape measure on center of right shoulder, run tape measure loosely down front, between legs and up back to right shoulder.  All measurements should be considered, not just the girth.  If your child has a measurement that exceeds the recommended range in any area, you should go up a size.  


how fast do you ship?

Orders ship within 2 business days (Mon-Fri).

what method do you ship?

We ship USPS First Class mail (2-7 business days) from New Hampshire, USA. Tracking information is included.  The Leotard Boutique is not responsible for replacements or refunds for lost, missing, damaged or delayed packages due to postal service, weather, or incorrect addresses.  If you need your order quickly...read on....expedited delivery is available!

can you ship overnight or priority?

Sure!  USPS Priority (2-3 days), USPS Priority Express (1-2 days) & FedEx Priority Overnight (1 day) are available delivery upgrades.  USPS Priority Express & FedEx Priority Overnight are the only "guaranteed" methods of delivery.  Sometimes packages are misrouted or delayed due to human error or weather.  If you are on a must-have deadline, such as a wedding, please choose USPS Priority Express or FedEx Priority Overnight.  FedEx Priority Overnight is the only 1 day shipping method.

As a gentle reminder, The Leotard Boutique is not responsible for replacements or refunds for lost, missing, damaged or delayed packages due to postal service, weather, or incorrect addresses. 


{product availability}

the item i want is sold out - how long does it take it get it in stock?

Shucks...we're sorry to hear that happened!  We're a fast growing business & it's been challenging to keep up with demand.  We hate to let you down.  Please drop us an email at info@leotardboutique.com with your request (size/style/color/quantity needed) and we'll set your wish list into motion.  Sometimes our new inventory is only a few days away from arriving, sometimes we may be on a 4-6 week schedule.  Usually it's somewhere in between. 


{refunds & exchanges}

see here for our return, refund & exchange policy


{care & customization}

can i heat press, screen print, iron-on a decal onto the leotard?

Yes!  With caution and care, it can be done successfully.  The leotards are made of nylon which can melt under too much heat and pressure if you're not paying close attention.

how do i care for the leotard?

Hand wash (or machine wash on hand/delicates in lingerie bag) with like colors.  Line dry. 

do you offer monogramming?

No, we do not have a local resource available.  Our leotards do respond well to embroidery and monogramming.

can you add snaps to my leotard?

No, we do not have a snap machine to add this service.  The twill tape found in stores has the spacing of the the snaps too far apart to fit in the crotch seam.

what material is the leotard?

Nylon. It keeps the color true over a long period of time & makes a great hand-me-down.


{wholesale, discounts & promotions}

do you offer wholesale?

We're really flattered you like us so much that you're interested in wholesale!  Alas, we're really a retailer & our prices are super close to wholesale industry prices.  But don't fret!...bulk discounts are available on orders of 10 pieces or more.  Our products are priced the best we can truly offer so that you can enjoy them without breaking the bank & also allows us to be competitive with the big name brands.  Their products are made in overseas factories.  Our products are made in the USA (yep!  go USA!) with as many locally sourced materials as we can muster.  And they come from family-owned businesses (just like ours) that pay fair wages.  We think that's kind of a big deal and core to our values.

i am ordering for a dance studio/group/performance/recital. do you offer discounts?

Bulk discounts are available on orders of 10 pieces or more.  Please send us a message to info@leotardboutique.com with your request (size/style/color/quantity needed).

do you have any coupons?

Who doesn't like to score a good deal, eh?!  Well, we've built our discounts right into the price.  It's the honest to goodness truth.  Doesn't it make you crazy when something goes on sale the next morning after you bought it? Or your BFF got some insight on a coupon code that you missed?  Or your email inbox is clogged with daily deals?  It makes our heads spin.  So let's keep things fair & simple: what you see is the best price we can offer every single day.