Bulk Discount Program Application

To apply for a bulk discount, please provide the following information in the message section of the contact form.


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About Us

Hello and thanks for your interest in setting up a bulk order with us! We're a small, mom-owned business. Our leotards & skirts are made in the USA with 100% made in the USA materials (right down to the thread & elastic). All items in our shop are regularly restocked & we turn around most orders within one business day, sometimes on the same day of an order.

We provide low (almost wholesale!) pricing to customers. It's our mission to provide high quality items at a great price. The bulk discount is an exceptional value in addition to our already low prices. It also includes free shipping on orders over $150.

How Our Bulk Order Program for Shops and Dance Studios Works

We'll give you a discount code for pre-approved bulk orders. Through our bulk order discount, you may order leotards or skirts in any combination of size, color, or style. There are no minimum buys in a certain style/color like you'd experience with traditional wholesalers.   Orders will be shipped from our office in New Hampshire within one to two business days (Monday through Friday).

Product Images and Marketing

Do you have a graphic design or printing shop and would like to use our leotards? We use high quality, machine washable heat transfer vinyl. Please email us ( with your design and the number needed for a quote.

Please get in touch!