Our leotards come in 23 colors that pop like fireworks, and are comfy enough to boogie all night long! 🌈

"We exist to help your child look and feel their best..."

At the Leotard Boutique, we're all about one thing: creating the comfiest leotards of the highest quality to help your child feel confident.

USA-made leotards for kids

Our Mission

To promote authenticity and self-love. 

Our Vision

To create a more open, safer world where confidence and self-acceptance are celebrated.  

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Our Owner

Growing up in the dance community, I have dealt with the seemingly endless pressures of having the "perfect" body image. 

In 2011 I founded my first dance studio. I knew I had to provide a safe space that empowers children to be their true selves. Together, my team and I are working to build a community without ego.

Since buying the Leotard Boutique in 2022, I'm so excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what a women-led brand can help a young dancer achieve. There are no limits. 

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Our Products

Made in the USA? You bet they are. 

We thoughtfully source our fabrics, elastic and thread, with the lowest carbon footprint in mind. We're all about tiny footprints. We invest our profits into partnering with factories that prioritize the rights of their workers and follow regulations to reduce hazardous chemicals. 

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March 01, 2023