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Toddler at gymnastics wearing a leotard


When shopping for your daughter’s next leotard, it's important to consider which leotard will allow your daughter to not only perform her best, but have fun doing it! While long-sleeve leotards have traditionally been the default choice for gymnasts, short-sleeve leotards are becoming increasingly popular. Knowing where to look and what to look for when browsing leotards for toddlers and/or children is critical to ensuring your daughter absolutely loves her next leotard. Here are two things to keep in mind when shopping for leotards.

Find a Lasting Leotard

As you well know, your daughter’s leotard will have to withstand many various shapes and movements depending on your daughter’s’ routines. While the style and look of the leotard are important, finding a leotard that is durable and will remain intact should be your highest priority. Of course, testing the durability of a leotard in a store is not always possible. You may not know how a leotard will hold up until it has been put to the test. To ensure the leotard you leave the store with will last for years to come, do some research on which leotards are the most flexible and least likely to split. Avoid spending money and time on replacing torn leotards by purchasing a leotard that you know will serve your daughter well.

Choose Your Style

Many factors come into play when deciding which leotard style is best for your daughter. First and foremost, you will want to check with your daughter’s coach to learn if there are any specific requirements regarding acceptable leotards for competition. This may eliminate some leotard styles from consideration, which will make your shopping experience much easier. Once you know the leotard styles that are acceptable for competition, communicate with your daughter and learn what they look for in a leotard. Does your daughter feel constrained by a long sleeve leotard? Is she looking for a leotard that will really wow the judges? Knowing exactly what your daughter is looking for in her next leotard will greatly help you determine which one you will purchase.

October 06, 2018
Tags: Gymnastics

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