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Comfortable Face Masks for Kids

Should we or shouldn’t we? The decision for us to offer face masks was not taken lightly. “It took a great deal of back and forth in our hearts and minds to decide whether or not we should offer a mask for sale,” says Melanie, Leotard Boutique founder and owner. “In the end, we decided that we have to do something.”

Far from profiting from the masks, the Leotard Boutique is giving more than receiving. It begins by ensuring that the masks are 100% made in the USA by the same woman- and minority-owned US factory that makes our leotards. We’ve kept the price low, just $11 each, with $2 from each mask being donated to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Community Crisis Action Fund. (That’s not a paper mask for every mask purchased. We’re giving cold, hard cash.)

In addition, buy any two masks and they ship for free. No need to wait a month for your masks to ship from China. Ours are ready to ship!

And we’re proud of our product: just like our leotards, our masks are soft and comfy as well as machine-washable and reusable. They have 3 layers: 2 cotton blend layers inside that are sewn together, a pocket space for a filter, and 1 nylon blend outer layer that is printed with a design.  The prints are pretty and eye-catching and look great with our girls leotards and dance skirts. And we offer matching mom and me face masks.

“It’s just about being in this moment, making a difference and doing the right thing to help here and now,” says Melanie.


• We can't accept returns on masks for sanitary reasons.

• Children under the age of 2 should not wear a mask due to suffocation risk. Please consult your doctor for guidance. 

• Our masks aren't medical grade, and they aren't virus-proof. We are wearing them and practicing social distancing. Please refer to the guidance from the CDC, and check their website often for evolving information. 

• There is a pocket for a filter insert, but for legal reasons, we can't tell you whether or not to put something in there. Please refer to reputable sources on the web to help you decide what is right for you.

June 19, 2020
Tags: Charity masks

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