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Halloween Costume Trends 2020

Cover photo by @caitarmstrong


by Rachel Minnie


This year has already been so frightening that we hardly need any more scares. However, we would argue that Halloween - so kitschy and faux fear - will be a welcome break from reality. Let’s all pretend to be scared by sheet-covered ghosts and staticy, recorded werewolf howls, shall we? In that spirit (see what I did there?) here are our favorite Halloween costume trends of 2020.

Go Classic

These wholesome pumpkin and ghost costumes are solid choices. They’re not a flash-in-the-pan theme that will be outdated in a year. Since our little girl and toddler leotards are so well made, these costumes can be passed down to younger siblings and friends, so timeless is the word.


Again, a wholesome and vastly customizable option. Deer? Yes! Alligator? Yes! Hedgehog? Yes! Pair our animal belly leotards with a matching skirt and a readily found animal headband for an easy, yet pulled together costume. Don’t forget the tights! Animals have matching legs, and besides, it gets chilly by October in some parts of the country.


Retro 80s

Here is another choice that can be either a certain doll in a certain story about toys, or an 80s retro workout costume. Either way, pair it with some leg warmers, sweatbands, and sneakers, and you’re ready to work it!


Photo by @thecreativeheartstudio



Thank goodness mermaids are still popular, because we can’t get enough of them. Your little girl, too? We have the perfect thing: our seashell mermaid costumes. Add one tail and there you go - a recognizable mermaid costume, because there’s nothing worse for a kid than being asked, “And what are you supposed to be?”

Baby Shark

Sorry to have to say this, but Baby Shark is still a thing. It’s like the Teletubbies of our youth. Hang in there. It has to end eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the catchy song and let your toddler dress as one of the colorful sharks from the song.


Fancy French Girl


This is a hot trend right now. Will it last? Who knows, but have fun with the quirky costume and French vocabulary she inspires. Accessories are key here, so add some cheap, chunky, dollar store jewelry and butterfly wings.



Photo by @peaceloveandmommy 


September 07, 2020

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