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Your mermaid-themed birthday kit

Trying to plan a themed birthday party but feeling like a fish out of water? I've put together a few of my favorite mermaid-themed party ideas in this post that sure will get the seal of approval from your little one.

1. Mermaid Party Invites

Nothing gets the birthday mermaid excited like pre-event planning. Download your free mermaid-themed invite here.

2. The Costume & Crown

The Leotard

One headache-saver is this leotard mermaid costume from The Leotard Boutique. Style this with one of our skirts; your little one will feel like a mermaid princess. The best part is you can reuse the costume for Halloween, dance class, or gymnastics. 

In fact, why not have all the guests dress up? One of the best kids' parties I’ve ever attended against my will was a dress-up party. It was nowhere near October, but kids wore old Halloween costumes or whatever costume pieces they had around. The kids loved it, and the parents loved reusing costumes that otherwise would have stayed in the closet.

The Crown

Top off the birthday girl’s mermaid costume with a spectacular crown. This Etsy find can be customized for any age. Plus, you're supporting another small business! 

Your go-to mermaid costume and crown

3. The Balloons

This balloon kit is a statement piece and is sure to get the whole crowd excited for photo opps. It comes with all the supplies for a show-stopping mermaid tail. Bonus: these don’t need helium to look spectacular.

Mermaid tale balloon kit

4. The Decorations

Jellyfish Paper Lanterns
These paper lanterns are a minimal-effort, high-impact decoration that will make your guests feel like they are under the sea. Add some fishing nets and seashells for an authentic sea-life vibe.

Banner and Pom Poms
Another bang for your buck is this kit with purples, pinks, and aquas. Personally, I can’t get enough of those tissue pom poms. Hang them from the ceiling or attach them to the wall with painter’s tape. That way, you only have to fluff one side. Time saver!

Mermaid-themed decorations and birthday banner

5. The Table Settings

Plates and Cutlery
We love the iridescence on these mermaid-themed plates. Pair them with this set of plastic cutlery to complete the magical look. No dishes for you tonight.

Iridescent mermaid-themed plates and cutlery

6. The Gift Wrap

I may or may not be overdoing it, but I love matching the wrapping paper to a kiddo’s birthday theme. The presents themselves become part of the decorations.

Mermaid-themed gift wrap

7. The Party Favor Bags

These are another one of those multipurpose items. Not only can these mermaid tail cones be stuffed with treats and used as party favors, they can be hung on string to make them part of the decorations. You’ll have to buy extra ribbon to hang each up, as the ribbons included are only enough for tying the bags closed.

Party favor bags

8. And Breathe...

Remember the days when you'd be driving all over town running errands? What a relief that you can plan your kiddo's birthday party right from your sofa. Now that all the hard work is done, it's time to pop some bubbles and celebrate your baby. Be sure to tag us @leotardboutique

Good luck.

Love, Andrea xoxo
April 21, 2023

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