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The Benefits of Online Dance Education

by Rachel Minnie


At a time when the world is so chaotic, dance lessons may seem like one of the things you can let fall to the wayside. However, whether your little ones were already taking lessons or have never put on a leotard before, online dance classes can be beneficial to both bored students and overwhelmed parents.


Because normal routines have been tossed, some children feel anxious, even if they don’t know how to express it. If they were already taking dance classes, then online classes allow them to maintain a sense of routine and normalcy. If they weren’t already taking lessons, online dance lessons can itself be a part of a new routine, which may reduce stress. Additionally, physical activity is a great way to diffuse tension, for adults, school-aged kids, and even toddlers.


Perhaps your little girl misses having friends and teachers who aren’t mom and dad? Online classes offer a sense of community and solidarity as well as a chance to see friendly faces besides their parents and toddler siblings. Online dance classes can be affordable as well, so trying a new creative outlet at a time when we seem to have lots of time, is doable even for families on tight budgets.


Finally, can you blame your kids for wanting to wear their leotards and skirts? Such fun, colorful gear needs to be worn and enjoyed, especially now. Until we fully engage in our new normal, such seemingly small things can be a hopeful light in a dark time.

August 31, 2020

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