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The Birthday Bash Fit for a Princess

Dress-up and make-believe are some of my children's favorite ways to play. Growing up watching Disney movies (definitely encouraged by me), my two girls had no shortage of ideas when it comes to reenacting their favorite fairytales.

When I asked my youngest daughter which theme her birthday party should be last year, it was no surprise that she wanted to host a royal affair, for her fellow princesses and princes. I have to say, it's not just any old celebration; it was a chance for her to ignite her imagination, and foster her creativity, and she definitely felt like royalty for the day. Unfortunately for her, I did have to remind her the next morning that the party was over and we would no longer be referring to her as “Your Royal Highness”. 

If this is your first time planning a jewel-adorned soiree, I'm here to help! For a few minutes, immerse yourself in a world of fantasy, and by the end of this quick read, you'll know how to create an atmosphere where dreams come true and possibilities are endless.

1. Invitations Fit for Royalty

Invitations that set the tone for the majestic affair are the best way to give your guests ample time to slot your party into their royal schedules. 

Be sure to include the date, time, location, and any specific instructions for costumes or accessories.

I've whipped up this cute invite which you can download for free!

2. The Regal Attire

Leotard & Skirt Set

Earlier this year I launched our brand-new Princess-Inspired Collection! Made from a soft and flexible fabric that comfortably stretches to fit your little princess's body, these adorable leotards and skirts provide a perfect fit for hours of dress-up fun and of course a noble extravaganza. 

Designed with attention to detail, the leotard features a shiny and glittery vinyl reminiscent of a fairy tale princess's dress. The birthday girl will feel like she's stepped right out of a storybook in this beautiful and elegant outfit.

If you want to add a lot of glitz and glamor to the birthday princess's outfit, check out these adorable party shoes. 

3. Decorations for a Magical Kingdom

As a busy party planner, you'll know how important it is to save a little time when you can. This beautiful balloon kit (from a small business) is a total show-stopper. Create a fairytale entrance to the party and have your guests enter in style.

If you want to add more balloons to decorate your space, here are some of my favorites:

Princess Castle-Shaped Balloon

Rainbow Number Balloon with Crown

DIY Balloon Garland Kit

Table Centerpiece
If you really want to go all out, this Cinderella-inspired table centerpiece is the perfect vessel to stash sweet treats for your party guests.

After the party, have your little princess display it on her bedroom shelf to bring her living quarters to life.

Photo Props
An occasion like this should definitely be documented. What's a birthday photo without some fun props? These paper-mâché numbers are my favorite. Choose the color which matches your theme, and it will bring your space to life.

4. Fantasy Feast Tablewear

Castle Dinner Plate
These dinner plates are where elegance meets enchantment. They are generous in size and sturdy, so your guests can fill up on delectable treats.

Castle-themed plates for princess party

Delight your little princess and make mealtime a magical experience with this plastic silverware set. Every bite will feel like a regal feast.

Stickers for Cups
Of course, you can buy princess-themed cups, but these stickers are super reasonably-priced and can be added to plastic cups in a jiffy. 

5. The Enchanted Treasure Pouch

Party Favor Bags
There's no shortage of themed-party favor bags out there, but these are my personal favorite. They are destined to captivate the hearts of all who behold their contents!

Princess Craft Kit
When the royal celebration is over, party guests can keep the magic alive with these cute little crown painting kits.

Scented Playdough
Maybe I'm going a little over-the-top with this, but glittery, scented play dough…come on! The scents are Cupcake, Fairy Dust, and Lavender. I couldn't resist. 

6. In the Blink of an Eye...

That was easier than you thought it would be, huh? Remember that these are just ideas, and you can do as much or as little as you'd like. In my experience, a successful party is not really about visuals and aesthetics. Of course that helps. But it's about creating a safe space where children can play, and make extraordinary memories.

Good luck, and be sure to tag us @leotardboutique

Good luck.

Love, Andrea xoxo
July 06, 2023

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