50 points

To signup, first you'll create a store account with us if you don't already have one. If you already have one, you'll just need to become a member. That's it!          

200 points

We'll create a special link for you to send to your friends. You can send this link to your friends by emailing it, or sharing it on both Facebook and Instagram. When a friend clicks on your link, she'll receive a code worth 10% off her first order. For each friend who makes a purchase using the discount code you sent, you'll earn 200 points.

100 points

We hope you already know how much we appreciate your business. And to prove it, each time you make a purchase, we'll add some points to your account to show you our gratitude. If you need to login, look for the red launcher, or go to the Extra Love Rewards login page.

FOLLOW = 50 points

SHARE = 50 points

FOLLOW = 50 points

500 points = $5

1,000 points = $10

2,500 points = $25