Our leotards come in 23 colors that pop like fireworks, and are comfy enough to boogie all night long! 🌈

Rewards Program

We're thrilled to announce our brand-new Rewards Program for December 2023. Below are all the details of our program. Happy saving!

Do I earn points on all purchases?

You will earn 1 point for every $1 spent before discounts, taxes, shipping, or rewards point redemptions.

If I already have an account with the Leotard Boutique, do I have to set up a separate account for your Rewards Program?

All of you who have an account with the Leotard Boutique will automatically be enrolled in our Rewards Program. Welcome! You do not have to create a separate account for our Rewards Program. You will begin earning points from the date our program launched (November 29th, 10 AM PT).

How do I redeem points?

1. Click the green bar at the bottom of the website that says "Rewards."
2. Log in to your account or create a new one.

3. When logged in, you'll see how many points you have and if you have an eligible redemption. You'll need at least 100 points to make a redemption. 
4. If you have an eligible redemption, click "Get Reward" and "Redeem."
5. Copy and paste your discount code to use at checkout. You will also receive a follow-up email with your discount code, just in case you misplace it :)

What is the minimum amount of points I need to make a redemption?

You'll need a minimum of 100 points to make a redemption. You can claim discounts in increments of $5.
$5 = 100 points
$10 = 200 points
$15 = 300 points
$20 = 400 points
The maximum number of points you can redeem in one transaction is 400.