Our leotards come in 23 colors that pop like fireworks, and are comfy enough to boogie all night long! ūüĆą

Pirate Leotard Costume


Size Guide

Our new Pirate Costume Leotard is just what your little one needs to channel their inner pirate and have fun as they dance, play and pretend. This leotard features a unique and fun pirate-inspired design that will make any young dancer feel like a swashbuckling superstar. Our leotard is made from high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable and flexible fit, perfect for any dance routine or dress-up playdate. The Pirate Costume Leotard is a standout choice for performances, recitals, and Halloween parties, giving your child the perfect opportunity to show off their playful personality. The leotard is perfect for little girls who love to dance and play dress-up. Let your child's imagination run wild with this fun and playful wardrobe addition. This pirate costume leotard is perfect for young pirates who want to take to the seas and embark on their next fantastic adventure. With its focus on leotards and costumes for girls, this Pirate Costume Leotard is sure to make a statement in any dance or play setting.

  • Leotard color:¬†White
  • Materials: Leotard is made with fade resistant, soft, durable NYLON.¬† Matte finish - no shine or shimmer.¬†Ghost¬†face is made with black glitter vinyl.
  • Fit notes: Full coverage bottom. Modest scoop neckline ends at the same place both front & back (no low back). Size chart is for fit that is snug & smooth with no gaps or folds.¬† It should fit just right!

Sizing recommendations:

  • P // fits most 6 - 9M
  • T // fits most 12 - 18M
  • XS // fits most 18M-3T
  • S // fits most 4T - 5
  • I // fits most 6-7
  • M // fits most 8
  • L // fits most 10
  • Y // fits most 12

Sizes are NOT based on age!

Size P (6-12M) T (12-24M) XS (2-3) S (4-5) I (6-7) M (8) L (10) Y (12)
Girth 29-32" 32-34" 35-37" 39-41" 42-44" 45-47" 47-49" 49-51"
Chest 15-18" 17-20" 18-20" 20-22" 23-25" 25-27" 26-28" 27-30"
Waist 15-18" 15-18" 16-19" 18-20" 21-24" 23-26" 24-27" 25-29"
Hips 16-19" 17-20" 18-21" 20-23" 23-26" 25-28" 26-29" 27-31"


Sizing FAQ's:

  • How to choose a size? /// Girth and waist are the most important measurements. To measure girth, place tape measure on center of right shoulder, run tape measure loosely down front of body, between legs and up the backside of body to right shoulder. When in doubt, size up.
  • P // fits most 6-9 months
  • T // fits most 12 - 18 months
  • XS // fits most 18M-3T (if your child is already wearing 18M, we suggest to size up to the XS/2-3)
  • S // fits most 4T - 5
  • I // fits most 6-7
  • M // fits most 8
  • L // fits most 10
  • Y // fits most 12

  • Sizes are NOT based on age!


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