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Surprising Benefits of Online Dance Classes

by Rachel Minnie


While the country was shutting down in March, we wondered how it would affect schools, birthday parties, and vacations. Long-term extracurriculars like dance, gymnastics, and other sports were suddenly canceled. However, parents and kids, who had already started adjusting to online learning, began to see the many opportunities for online, extracurricular lessons. While some worry kids won’t get the same experience - a valid concern -  we’ve also seen surprising benefits. Let us explain. . . .

Limitless Variety

Classes are readily available on multiple online learning platforms, such as Outschool.com, with new ones being added daily. With a quick search, you’ll find qualified teachers teaching everything from baking and drawing to, yes, even dance. Practically any style of dance is represented, so you have lots of choices.


Depending on the length of the class (some meet just once, while others run for several weeks), online dance classes tend to be affordable, averaging around $10 per class meeting. Better yet, coupon codes and referral programs can make them even more affordable. If you keep your eyes open, you can even find free classes. Score!

Necessary supplies for dance are minimal, and probably things you already have: a computer or tablet with Internet access and comfy clothes. If you already have leotards and dance skirts, your kiddos will get a kick out of wearing them for their online classes.

More Comfortable

Online classes can make a person more brave and willing to try something new. Artisanal bread? Why not! Mandarin lessons? Sure!

While in-person dance classes offer many benefits, such as interacting with other children and hopefully making new friends, what about the students who are too anxious to attend in-person classes? Angie J. from San Antonio, Texas worried that her shy six-year-old daughter, Emilee, wouldn’t want to take lessons, despite loving to dance: “She will dance her heart out behind closed doors, but the minute she sees even me watching, she will stop.” Though nervous at first, Emilee eventually settled into her small in-studio classes: “As time went on, she got better, and now she just kind of puts herself in her own little zone and does what she is supposed to do beautifully.”

But then, the pandemic intervened. Angie, however, found a surprising result to Emilee moving to online lessons: “The transition was so smooth. Honestly, I think she prefers the online [lessons] right now. She's by herself, and I think that makes her perform better.”

Convenient & Accessible

We can’t forget about the convenience. Rather than driving to a dance studio, your dancer just has to put on her tights and leotard and walk to the computer. You don’t even have to get out of your bunny slippers!

In addition, students have a whole new world of things to explore. Perhaps they have wanted to try a different activity, one that is not readily available in their area. Online classes solve that, bringing together students and teachers from literally across the globe.

In summary, as things eventually return to as normal as possible, dance studios and other extracurriculars will reopen. However, having seen the benefits of online learning, not just for academics, some parents may continue with online lessons, broadening their children’s possibilities.

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