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Sweatin' with the Newbies

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by Rachel Minnie


When we all were sweating through middle school gym class, who would have guessed that one day we would be throwing a party based on it? But paired with a colorful birthday party, working out is especially fun. Here are our picks for the best retro workout-themed birthday, like, ever!



Dress for Sweaty Success

Get this totally radical retro workout leotard from The Leotard Boutique for a sure hit. No retro workout would be complete without leg warmers and sweatbands, though. And don’t forget the bright pink tights! With these accessories, you’ve got your little girls and toddlers looking like they’re ready for the gym. Retroactively.

Plastic Dumbbells and Barbells

These plastic dumbbells and barbells can be filled with water or sand to make them heavier. Or, just leave them as they are. They fit the colors and theme perfectly and also double as a great party activity - pretend weight lifting, anyone?

Retro Workout Videos

This party begs for active games. Our favorite is retro workout videos, found for free on YouTube. The kids probably won’t find them as funny as you will, so watch them first to get your giggles out before the kiddos try them at the party.


This party is going to be all about matching colors since there aren’t that many choices for themed tableware, unless you go with a generic 80s theme. A word of warning, however, from one obsessive mom party planner to another: if you do go with the 80s theme, it’s easy to spin off from the main idea - retro workout. Before you know it, you’re shopping for big dangle earrings, off the shoulder tops, and a hair crimper. Save yourself the hassle of buyer’s remorse and multiple returns and get solid color tableware to match your little girl’s leotard.


Decorations were a little tricky to find here because, again, it’s easy to get sucked into all the 80s throwback items. But we found these cassette and boombox cut outs, which will work with the theme. We suggest balloons and honeycomb streamers matching the party’s colors.

Party Favors

There are so many fun ideas for party favors, but we’re thinking jelly bracelets in these rad retro boombox favor boxes. Just add a few Twizzlers, maybe a mini Koosh ball, and a pair of neon sunglasses, and you’ll be totally ready, like, for sure.
September 10, 2020

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