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Plan the original Workout Girl party

When we all were sweating through middle school gym class, who would have guessed that we would be throwing a themed party like this? Wish you'd kept your Jane Fonda-inspired leotard after all, huh?

Head back to yesteryear: Here are our top picks for the best retro workout-themed birthday ever!

1. Dress for Sweaty Success: The Costume

The Leotard and Tights

Get this totally radical retro workout leotard from The Leotard Boutique for a sure hit. All of our leotards are made in the USA and crafted with your child's comfort in mind; the birthday girl should feel and look her best on her special day. The outfit is offered in three colors to choose from. Pair it with these bright pink tights on a cooler day, although don't worry–you won't stay chilly for long.

The Accessories
No retro workout would be complete without leg warmers and sweatbands, though. Ready to hit the gym? Yup!

2. The Workout Gear

Okay, so these weights are a little bit of a heftier investment for the perfect party props, but they're also essential for party games. Promote a healthy, safe, and fit workout environment for the kiddos, and they'll have a blast at the same time.

The Dumbbells
These plastic dumbbells pair perfectly with the retro party theme–weight lifting, anyone?

The Barbells
These may just look like a bit of fun, but they're actually functional too. Struggling to cram in a bit of exercise? Have your kiddos do it with you!

The workout gear

3. The Ambience

Honestly, nothing is more motivating to get your butt into gear than Jane Fonda huffing and puffing in the background. Kidding, when have you ever seen her so much as break a sweat! Here is one of my favorite free videos to play in the background. 

Workout videos

4. Tablewear

This neon party supply set goes perfectly with our retro party color scheme. 

Mermaid-themed decorations and birthday banner

5. Party Favor Boxes

These little boom boxes make great party decorations, but you can also fill them with retro candy and sweets for little party favor boxes.

Boom box party favor boxes

8. Don't Even Sweat It...

Got everything you think you'll need for an epic birthday party? Be sure to tag us @leotardboutique, we can't wait to see it! 

Good luck.

Love, Andrea xoxo
May 10, 2023

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