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Home made Father's Day from Daughter

Special Father's Day Card Idea

Looking for a special gift for Father’s Day? Here’s an easy idea that we’ve made even easier with this exclusive printable Leotard Boutique leotard. Add your child’s handprints, a special message, and you’ve got a heart-warming card that any father would love.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An 8.5 by 11” print out of our customer-favorite ruffle sleeve leotard - click here to download for free

Glue stick (optional)

Construction paper or cardstock (optional)

Washable paint

Small paintbrush (optional)

Extra decorations, like stickers, gems, ribbons, or taffeta (optional)

Marker, crayons, gel pens or coloring medium of your choice


  1. Cut out the printed leotard, if desired, and glue to a piece of construction paper or cardstock. Alternately, use the printed out leotard as is.
  2. Color the ruffle leotard in your child's own unique style.
  3. Use the paintbrush to lightly brush washable paint onto your child’s hand, or spread paint onto a small plate and have your child wipe their entire hand in the paint.
  4. Press your child’s hand on the paper two or three times, depending on how full you'd like the dance skirt, reapplying the paint before making each print. Darker, opaque colors and/or extra paint at the base of the hand help cover the bottom of the leotard.
  5. Add extra decorations, if desired.
  6. Using the marker, add a message like “Forever Your Princess” or “From Your Tiny Dancer.” Don’t forget to add the date!
  7. If she’s old enough, ask your child to sign her name.
Father's Day DIY Card from Child
    June 17, 2020