A Mer-magical Birthday Party

A Mer-magical Birthday Party

by Rachel Minnie


Can’t get to the beach right now? Why not throw your guppy a magical mermaid birthday party instead? There are so many vibrant colors to use for this popular theme - purples, blues, aquas, pinks - that finding coordinating party items will be a sea breeze.


Mermaid Leotard Costume

One headache-saver is this leotard mermaid costume from The Leotard Boutique. Use this and any color dance skirt, and your mergirl will feel like Ariel. This is one of those items that is so multi-purpose: dress up, Halloween, or a birthday party.

In fact, why not have all the guests dress up? One of the best kids parties I’ve ever attended against my will was a dress-up party. It was nowhere near October, but kids wore old Halloween costumes or whatever costume pieces they had around. The kids loved it, and the parents loved reusing costumes that otherwise would have stayed in the closet.


Mermaid Crown

Top off the birthday girl’s mermaid costume with a spectacular crown. This Etsy find can be customized with any age or no age. I’d go with no age so that it can be more easily reused for dress up or Halloween.


Mermaid Tail Balloons

This kit is definitely on a higher level than regular party balloons. It comes with all the supplies for a show-stopping mermaid tail. Bonus: these don’t need helium to look spectacular.


Jellyfish Paper Lanterns

These paper lanterns are an easy, high-impact decorating choice that will make your guests feel like they are under the sea. Add some fishing nets and seashells for an even better sea vibe.


Mermaid Decorating Kit

Another bang for your decorating buck is this kit with purples, pinks, and aquas. Personally, I can’t get enough of those tissue pom poms. Hang them from the ceiling, or just attach them to the wall with painter’s tape. That way, you only have to floof one side. Time saver!


Scalloped Shell Plates

We love the iridescence on these scalloped shell plates. Pair them with this set of iridescent plastic cutlery to complete the magical look.


Scalloped Wrapping Paper

I may or may not be overdoing it, but I love matching the wrapping paper to a kiddo’s birthday theme. The presents themselves become part of the decorations.


Mermaid Tail Favor Bags

These are another one of those multipurpose items. Not only can these mermaid tail cones be stuffed with treats and used as party favors, they can be hung on string to make them part of the decorations. You’ll have to buy extra ribbon to hang each up, as the ribbons included are only enough for tying the bags closed.

March 11, 2022

The Creative Heart Studio: Your Source to DIY a Life-Sized Barbie Box


1908s Workout Girl Costume



Lilly Jimenez is the genius behind The Creative Heart Studio, a website and blog filled with inspiration and products to help you create accessible DIY projects.

If you follow us on Instagram or you've perused our customer photos and noticed amazing, colorful, magical, dream-like scenes created from balloons, then you've seen her work.

Our jaws have dropped so many times from her artistry that we might have Balloon Mosaic™-induced TMJ.

For Halloween 2019, she created a life-sized Barbie box as a scene to feature her daughter's favorite character from Toy Story 4 using our 1980s Workout Girl Leotard Costume.

She developed the original box design a few years ago, but decided to recreate it this year so she could share step-by-step DIY instructions.

This Barbie box is perfect for a special birthday party and can double as a fun photo booth! You can also paint and repurpose it for other occasions.

Visit Lilly's blog at for the easy-to-follow DIY Barbie box directions.

October 17, 2019